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Larry and Nancy live in the country on a small “hobby farm”.   Larry began working for a full-service lumber company in 1968.  He was introduced to new building products as they came along.   He attended local, state, and national hog shows for the company when PVC was introduced. They put   PVC fence in the booth.  Farmers looked at it, felt it, hit it, and shook it.  They said, “This will never hold up!  It’s too shiny to look like wood fence!  Don’t like it!”  Their wives came along and said, “I want this!”  When they heard the price, they both put it down as ‘out of their financial reach’.
Eighteen years ago, Larry put a small fence up on our property so people could see how it would hold up.  Nancy liked the picket fence and to please her, Larry put up some around an old foundation.  After adding picnic tables and arbors, we were both sold on the ease of installation and maintenance.   When we added a new house to the property, there was no question as to the front porch and decking being PVC.  At the barn, new fence was installed.  It was a job Larry and Nancy could do together as the PVC was light enough a woman could handle it too.   It has been well worth the investment.  We were nearing retirement age when we installed it. Soapy water and a hose, (even easier, a high-pressure washer) keeps our house and grounds looking like new.  Think how much it would have saved us had we made the investment at a younger age.  
Installation is the key to the success of long-term satisfaction.  We have years of hands-on knowledge to help you in this area.
PVC now comes in so many styles and colors you will be sure to find what you need to compliment your home and lifestyle.   Arbors, pergola, lamp posts, planters, benches, and trellis in white and wood tones make great gift ideas.
POLYWOOD® furniture in wood tones and colors enhance the outdoor settings.  Check out all the styles available.
When you find something good in life, you want to give others the chance to have it too.  That’s why we like to meet and work with folks like you.  

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